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Today’s leaders must be proficient in all three areas. In times of unprecedented change, learning how to keep up on a global scale, innovate, and nurture and develop value-creating ideas across your organization is critical to success. The need to learn how to anticipate and respond to complex and rapidly changing issues in the world of information technology with design thinking perspectives as the nurtured mixed concept of entrepreneurship and business innovation development.

Business, Innovation, and Development (BID) Research Expertise is a great source of information and research collaboration with practitioners, industry participants, and academics from both inside and outside of Indonesia. Our research collaboration focused on practical skills for navigating a complex future full of uncertainty and leading accelerated business growth, as well as theoretical understanding of the most recent start-up and tech thinking. Business, Innovation, and Development (BID) Research Expertise provides leverages to increase business skills capacity, allowing partners to manage uncertainty, develop robust initiatives, and lead accelerated business growth in their chosen venture.

Aside from that, Business, Innovation, and Development (BID) Research Expertise develop collaboration projects to develop partners’ own start-up, launch the next big digital platform, use innovation as a catalyst for change in a multinational organization, gain fundamental business skills, and discover new ideas, ways of working, and the tools and frameworks that are essential to being an entrepreneur in the ‘age of acceleration,’ or create a social enterprise.